Rev. Lois

For over 50 years I have been helping people overcome their fears with hypnosis. Using my psychic skills in addition to hypnosis it is easy to choose an effective path for an individual's success. Whether you want to take a test with confidence or drop excessive body weight, hypnosis will help you.

Lost anxiety


Do you seem to have too many choices? Are you unwilling to make a decision? Would you like to “come out of the woods”? Once in awhile our lives seem to be cluttered with unresolved issues. The good news is hypnotherapy can be a huge help in sorting out your feelings and clarifying what seems …



Many of us have unusual dreams of strange places and strange people. Some of those dreams may include people in ancient clothing, and living in foreign appearing places. Even the language they speak may need interpretation. What are those dreams really about? Could it be that you have had more than one life? What if …

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THE GIFT Today I received the most precious of gifts. How much was it worth in dollars and cents? No it could not be measured in quarters or dimes or dollars. This gift is one I will keep forever on my counseling table. It contains something so rare that I can’t quantify its worth. You …

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Curious about hypnosis


QUESTIONS? Many times folks who have never been hypnotized have a lot of questions. For instance: “will I be frightened?” or “will hypnosis hurt?”. No, hypnosis is very relaxing and does not create any fear. It has been likened to going on a beautiful vacation. There is no pain of any kind involved, just deep …


Depression can be treated by hypnosis

Chronic Depression?

Don’t suffer with any little bit of depression. Hypnosis can help! Your powerful subconscious mind wants to give you exactly what you tell it. What is the answer? With hypnosis I can help you reprogram your habitual attitudes. The results will simply astound you. Yes, you can open up your confident “happy place”. Your new …

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