It was the last dream of the night that woke me. I don’t use an alarm so when a dream wakes me, I know it must be important.

In the dream I saw myself in a shop where I knew the clerk. We were talking about where I had been over the last couple of years. Meanwhile she looked for the package I had ordered. As we were chatting, I glanced over to the bookshelf and saw “it”.

Now I have to mention I definitely don’t need more books. I have a giant of a bookcase at home. It is crammed full of my work related books. It contains so many hypnosis techniques, treatments for psychic development, healing with sound and color and other work methods.

It was just a casual glance at the bookshelf, but oh boy! What I saw made so much sense. It was a huge heavy book with many photographs. The title? ONE WORD, ONE THOUGHT, CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!

That title is the absolute essence of my work. If I can help you with hypnosis to change the words and thoughts you continually say to yourself, your world will definitely and permanently change!

Through the techniques of hypnotherapy “sick” becomes “healthy”, “fat” becomes “slender”, “worried” changes to “confident” and “fearful” is “optimistic”.

Positive repetition is the key. By changing your thoughts, changing the words you tell yourself, you can look forward to every new day!

If this sounds good to you, just give me a call. Your private appointment is waiting for you.

Reverend Lois Cheney (928)300-2030 or

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