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Rev. Lois Cheney
Psychic – Hypnotist


For over 50 years I have been helping people drop fears and move forward with their lives through hypnosis.
My psychic abilities aid me in designing the right path for you. Learn to live your best life. Right now!
I’m in Ozark, Arkansas. I’m also available by telephone appointments.

My story as a psychic intuitive healer

Hypnosis is effective for so many uses. Would you like to slim down your body, perfect your golf swing, eliminate bad habits, gain confidence, see past lives? These things and many more are available to you. Would your club or church group enjoy a fun informative lecture by Rev. Lois detailing her surprising experiences as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist? Call today to book an enjoyable talk for your group in the river valley of Arkansas: 928-300-2030.


Clinical hypnosis | energy clearings for homes and offices | Personal individual chakra clearing and alignment

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    Through the years, as a psychic, I have been asked to “read” for all sorts of animals. Pets or any domestic animals are very open to mentally telling me what they need or want. By looking into their fears as well as their desires, it is much easier to resolve many behavior challenges. A happier …

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    Do you seem to have too many choices? Are you unwilling to make a decision? Would you like to “come out of the woods”? Once in awhile our lives seem to be cluttered with unresolved issues. The good news is hypnotherapy can be a huge help in sorting out your feelings and clarifying what seems …

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    Many of us have unusual dreams of strange places and strange people. Some of those dreams may include people in ancient clothing, and living in foreign appearing places. Even the language they speak may need interpretation. What are those dreams really about? Could it be that you have had more than one life? What if …

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    Yes, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very real. They instigate actual life changes. Why? How? The power of those two techniques utilizes a very strong natural component of your physical body which is the subconscious mind. With the cooperation of the subconscious, changes you desire begin to take shape at once. Your subconscious is continually working …

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    THE GIFT Today I received the most precious of gifts. How much was it worth in dollars and cents? No it could not be measured in quarters or dimes or dollars. This gift is one I will keep forever on my counseling table. It contains something so rare that I can’t quantify its worth. You …

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    QUESTIONS? Many times folks who have never been hypnotized have a lot of questions. For instance: “will I be frightened?” or “will hypnosis hurt?”. No, hypnosis is very relaxing and does not create any fear. It has been likened to going on a beautiful vacation. There is no pain of any kind involved, just deep …

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My Clients’ Thoughts

FYI – I believe that new tuning fork you used was an important catalyst in my healing. Each day I wake, I feel healthier, happier, and peaceful. Also, I completely stopped drinking alcohol. It was not my friend!


Dear Lois, I was so terrified by the horror story my mother told me about her auto crash. I thought I would never get over my fear of driving. I could not even get in my own car. I was desperate to stop making excuses and canceling appointments for my little girl. Thanks to you and your hypnosis I am now able to drive anywhere, anytime with complete confidence. Thank you so much. R.J.


When the man I thought was the love of my life dumped me flat, I was an emotional wreck. Through your calm patience with me and my tears, you skillfully developed a perfect way to get me back to self-confidence. Thanks to your hypnosis sessions I am now “standing on my own” and not settling for less than I know I deserve. Reverend, you are a wonder.


I thought I would have to live as a “fatty” the rest of my life. But when I saw your hypnosis brochure, I decided to give it one more chance. Boy am I glad I did! You told me I would probably lose a minimum of 7 pounds that first week (I didn’t believe you) but instead I lost 11 lbs.! Do I need to say I kept on dropping the weight? Now one year later I am still weighing my ideal weight which is exactly 35 lbs less than when we met! Thank you Reverend Cheney. It is all because of you and your work.


I am available for inspirational fun talks about hypnosis, healing and metaphysical topics in Arkansas
I enjoy giving lively presentations that spark healing and growth for all participants.
Here are just some of the many venues I have spoken at:

Unitarian Church,
Eureka Springs Arkansas
Unity Church of
Venice, Florida

Tony Burroughs – Creator of the
Intenders Circles
Angel Ministries
Venice, Englewood Florida
Cosmic Center, Sarasota Florida

Reverend Lois Cheney is a kind, empathic helper.
She is here to help you live your best life.