About Rev. Lois

Reverend Lois Cheney

Working from my home in Ozark Arkansas I am able to utilize all my skills according to a client’s needs. I have a beautiful special room where I utilize tuning forks to clear a clients chakras for emotional and physical health. That clearing can be done in person or by telephone as are many of my hypnosis skills.

I delight in helping people realize their full potential with hypnosis by casting aside unneeded problems and beliefs. I am open to discussing your personal needs and finding the unique program to help. If the energy in your home or office is working against all your efforts, contact me for a thorough cleansing. The benefits are many!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a reading cost?

I charge a flat fee of $100.00 and encourage all your questions. You may feel free to record the reading for your future reference. Readings go until all your questions are answered. Chakra clearings with sounds and color are $125.00

2. Do you provide services over the phone?

Yes I work internationally with quite a few clients over the phone. You can receive a reading, chakra clearing or even a hypnosis session by phone. No need to worry about long drives. But if you’d like to visit and get a reading please do give me a call. I am located in the river valley at Ozark, Arkansas.

3. How much does hypnosis cost?

Three sessions are $285.00

4. How do you charge for a ghost or unsettled energy clearing?

It depends on the size of the home, or office to be cleared.

Reverend Lois Cheney: