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Many times folks who have never been hypnotized have a lot of questions. For instance: “will I be frightened?” or “will hypnosis hurt?”.

No, hypnosis is very relaxing and does not create any fear. It has been likened to going on a beautiful vacation. There is no pain of any kind involved, just deep relaxation.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?”

In my 40 years of hypnotherapy I have never found someone who could not be hypnotized. Even if there was such a person, just creating a profound relaxation in them is enough to allow me to do the necessary work and gain positive results.

How many sessions are needed to change a bad habit?

I find it is best to start with three appointments. Many times three appontments are all that are needed to get lasting results.

I have been over weight for 15 years. Is there any chance I can slim down and keep the extra pounds off?”

I have helped many men and women who have given up on diets and similar approaches. Hypnosis absolutely can help with weight loss.

How can I view my past lives?”

One hypnosis session is often all that is needed to view one or more of your lives. In addition some people are missing the memories of childhood and would like to revisit those life experiences. If you have an interest in continuing to explore the past, more appointments may be desired.

Could you help perfect my golf swing with hypnosis?”

Improving any athletic skill is easily accomplished with hypnosis. If you describe to me exactly what you wish to see and feel with your game, I can help you create it.

I encourage you to call anytime and ask about hypnotherapy. I am always happy and ready to answer your questions.

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