Lost anxiety


Do you seem to have too many choices? Are you unwilling to make a decision? Would you like to “come out of the woods”?

Once in awhile our lives seem to be cluttered with unresolved issues. The good news is hypnotherapy can be a huge help in sorting out your feelings and clarifying what seems to be an overwhelming amount of information. Hypnosis can also restore your confidence in your self regardless of current situations.

Your own subconscious mind is always with you and wanting to help. Whatever positive ideas you feed it, it will amplify and bring into your life. It is your personal 24-hour-a-day worker.

If you are yearning to feel calm and collected, hypnosis can be your answer. By contacting your subconscious mind through the use of hypnosis, and feeding it your most urgent desires for change, your life can be back “on track” in a short period of time.

Call today and let me be your guide to better more fulfilling days.

Rev. Lois Cheney (928)300-2030 or RevLois@gmail.com

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