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Yes, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very real. They instigate actual life changes. Why? How? The power of those two techniques utilizes a very strong natural component of your physical body which is the subconscious mind. With the cooperation of the subconscious, changes you desire begin to take shape at once.

Your subconscious is continually working with every idea you give it. It lives and works at a very deep level of your mind. Especially helpful is that it works for you 24 hours a day with the directions it receives. Those directions come either from your emotions, thoughts and words or those programs of your hypnosis therapist.

The subconscious does not call your ideas good or bad, it simply helps create what you hold in emotions, thoughts or words. As a result, it will manifest into your life those personal situations, good or bad, that you dwell on.

If you feel your life needs some definite changes, hypnosis will help you create a better scenario. For instance, you can drop excess pounds, relieve stress, explore past lives, improve your golf game and so many more components of earth life.

The effort involved in making any desired life change is simplified and remarkably shortened by using the extra help provided by hypnosis. The time needed is considerably less than other more arduous methods. By using hypnosis your 24-hour-a-day subconscious mind is always there giving you the extra nudges as needed.

With hypnosis there is no need for notes on the refrigerator or giving yourself black marks or stars! Your positive progress is assured.

If you would like to create positive changes in your life, give me a call. Lets set an appointment to begin your happy journey into a brighter future.

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