Many of us have unusual dreams of strange places and strange people. Some of those dreams may include people in ancient clothing, and living in foreign appearing places. Even the language they speak may need interpretation.

What are those dreams really about? Could it be that you have had more than one life? What if you have lived eons ago in one or more of those seemingly unusual times that you dream of? What if the purpose of the dreams was to offer ideas and help from those other incarnations?

If there were a way to find your connection to the stories of your dreams, would you want to try? As a hypnotist I have found that many people benefit from exploring their unusual night dreams, as well as their day dreams or “imaginings”, with the use of hypnosis.

There are also some folks who believe, like me, that one can be experiencing more than one incarnation in more than one location at this particular time.

If any of these possibilities arouse your curiosity, your interest, give me a call. Let’s schedule a deep hypnosis ‘session of discovery’ for you.

Rev. Lois Cheney (928)300-2030 or

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