Hypnosis to learn about your past lives

“Real” Past Lives

When I talk about the influence of past lives on our lives here and now, there is always some disagreement about whether we actually have such a past. I personally feel we incarnate over and over again but that is not as important as what effect these “memories” may have on our lives today.

It is my feeling that if looking into past events and emotions can have a clearing or stabilizing effect on your life today, it is worthwhile! With hypnosis any such memory can be accessed and resolved to your benefit.

For instance, some years ago I was working with a woman with low self esteem. Her whole appearance was down trodden. Her dress was sloppy and she hung her head when speaking.

Fortunately in hypnosis she was able to discover one of her earlier lives where she functioned as a powerful healer for her tribe. Seeing herself in that way made a big difference. As she accepted that past life and her position in it, her new feelings of self worth began to emerge.

Seeing herself in that life gave her the feeling of what it was like to have had endless abilities. Her feelings about herself and what was possible changed dramatically.

Whether you suspect interference from a past life, or positive experiences, or possibly hurtful childhood memories influencing you in a negative way, hypnosis can help! Your discoveries can bring closure or advancement. Give me a call or e-mail for your private appointment.

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Reverend Lois Cheney

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