Today I received the most precious of gifts. How much was it worth in dollars and cents? No it could not be measured in quarters or dimes or dollars. This gift is one I will keep forever on my counseling table.

It contains something so rare that I can’t quantify its worth.

You see down the street from our house there is a 3 year old little boy. He has three other siblings in his family but somehow this boy is absolutely special. He just stands out.

He loves my dog Abey and always rushes over to pet her. I think the feeling is mutual.

Today the boy gave me a wonderful gift. His little eyes were shining so bright! He put in my hand a tiny rock that he said was a crystal.

Now the adult me knows it was just a white rock covered in soil but sometimes the energy put into an object changes everything. I choose to believe it is the most special of crystals. That is why it will have a place of honor on my table. And when anyone asks me why it is there, I will simply tell them the story of my very generous and loving friend.

Love changes everything.

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